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Dalian Aode air conditioner manufacturing engineering Co. Ltd.

Dalian Aode air conditioning equipment Co. Ltd.

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Development history

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◆In 1995 the first water source heat pump air conditioning in the field of domestic heat pump technology research center in Dalian and developed the first domestic semi closed high power heat pump and screw machine dedicated to the city sewage (SEA) water power pump.

◆ 1996 with the German GEA (heat exchanger) Company for technical research, product development strategic cooperation.

◆ 1997 technical exchanges with the French Environmental Energy Association, on the large-scale sewage water source heat pump supply CDM (carbon dioxide) project to reach a cooperative agreement.

◆ City sewage centralized heating, 2000 orde r & D design and production of the cooling device to obtain the national patent in the field only.

◆ 2001 National Ministry of construction and Residential Environment Engineering Center awarded the new technology and new products to promote the application of the project".

In 2002 and the Austria Environmental Energy Commission on renewable energy in the field of energy-saving technology to reach a cooperation agreement.

◆Established in 2003 Dalian Aode air conditioning manufacturing engineering Co. Ltd., green building energy-saving air conditioning system to provide the solution for customer service, and get on mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contractor qualification.

◆ 2004 to complete the construction of new production base; access to the Chinese market famous brand recognition.

2005 "sewage source heat pump systems engineering technical specifications" compilation unit.

◆ 2007 Dalian Aode air-conditioning heat pump products have been in the country 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, completed a total of more than and 400 water and ground source, water source, water source heat pump system demonstration project, the total area of more than and 800 square meters (including a number of national funding projects, renewable energy projects).

◆ 2009 oder to society and human sense of future living environment of the high sense of responsibility and mission in fifteen years and outstanding contribution to the cause of social environment, is Chinese Real Estate Association, Chinese Municipal Engineering Association, architectural design and Research Institute, China building energy saving and emission reduction of ten brands (Chinese enterprises of renewable energy, green construction), odd leader Mr. Yu Yonghui awarded 2009 Chinese ten outstanding contribution to the construction of energy-saving emission reduction (technical innovation) is one of the characters. Mr Yu Yonghui has been re elected to the five session of the Dalian Municipal People's congress.

◆In 2010 the company established, the main push four series of products: water source heat pump, water chiller, modular cold (hot) water chiller, air source heat pump unit.


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