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Dalian Aode air conditioner manufacturing engineering Co. Ltd.

Dalian Aode air conditioning equipment Co. Ltd.

Address: Dalian city Wafangdian City Gold Industrial Park A District No. 61

Zip code: 116323

Operator: 0411-85366638 85366639

Fax: 0411-85366635 85366637

Marketing department: 0411-85366636

Mailbox:china@dlaode.cn od8848@163.com


Technology advantage

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The first to obtain a semi enclosed screw machine high power heat pump units and specialized for urban sewage (SEA) water source high power heat pump group

Professional manufacturer of patent.

Low temperature heat removal technology

Can use 4 degrees Celsius above the low heat energy water, the temperature can be as low as 2 degrees Celsius, so that the expansion of the scope of application of water source heat pump.

Multi stage series heat technology

Make full use of water heat, can reduce the amount of groundwater 50%.

Vacuum pressure recirculation technology

Can make the single well irrigation capacity increased by more than 30%, reduce the number of drilling, to achieve one hundred percent recharge.

International advanced energy storage technology

That summer winter irrigation, summer Guandong, can improve the geothermal energy utilization rate of more than 30%.

Unique sea (sewage) water source heat pump technology

Adopt international advanced corrosion protection technology, unique structure design, can directly use the sea (sewage) water as a heat pump water source.

Application technology of surface water heat pump such as river, river, lake and so on

Rich heat pump system design and construction solutions



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