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The central air conditioning marketing new how fast things into the elite

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The central air conditioning marketing n

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       As the first to enter the field of central air conditioning marketing newcomers, how to quickly integrate into the company in the short term, to make their own performance and become the backbone of the company's business? I think this problem should be a lot of new people in the company to consider the most problems. The author in a famous domestic enterprise office, as a person, are currently about central air conditioning marketing new growth this article lacks, so with their own experiences and to explore together me how fast through the running in period, ready to work, and improve their performance in order here. So, hope all my colleagues generous with your criticism.

一、Forewarned is forearmed.   

        There is a saying that God favors only the prepared person. This sentence is very reasonable, central air conditioning marketing need more professional technical knowledge, basic business skills also need to be very solid. So the new must do their own accumulation and preparation. Only when they are ready to seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity, otherwise, can only be looked at the opportunity to drain away. So, what are the new needs to do to prepare it?

       First of all, in the ideological identification with company's corporate culture, is willing to personal development and the company's development. "Factory Hing I wing, plant decline I shame", only the company has developed well, their ability to be better, if the company is not very smooth development, it is difficult to imagine their own value can be improved. Therefore, in this kind of thought, diligently deeply understands the enterprise the development history, deeply understands the enterprise culture, thus in own behavior also deeply branded the enterprise's mark.

       Secondly, in the mind to quickly change their role as soon as possible, from the tower of ivory that idealized colors come out, in line with the reality of the market, working hard and young people's passion to combine their own emergent momentum show itself, thereby shortening the "period", the foundation for the development of a play good for your career in marketing. Many college students just entered the enterprise did not put a good attitude, there is always facing the vision problems of enterprises, all day complaining, not willing to learn, finally they won't get the company's identity, not to mention the performance. Remember, when you can't change the environment, adapt to it.

        Third, new people to a "zero" mentality with an open mind to learn, enrich their knowledge structure, improve their quality and ability:

        A.Product knowledge, technical knowledge, company type, product name, what is the structure form, the main competition where, which can be divided into various modules, module prices constitute a different price difference of knowledge.

        B. Financial knowledge: remember our former marketing director once said a very classic words: business people must have a deep understanding of their own is a businessman. As a businessman, so the financial knowledge must have a basic understanding, such as cash, acceptance of payment for understanding, understanding, for gross profit, profit rate, profit equilibrium point of knowledge, to master these financial knowledge can make themselves to think, really like a businessman analysis the problem, solve the problem.

        C. Business, social etiquette and marketing knowledge and skills: business activities, pay great attention to the external image and words and deeds, which is a manifestation of a person is not professional, but also the extension of personal quality conservation. This requires new efforts to master the art of speaking, business etiquette, such as dress, business cards, self presentation, speech and all kinds of social etiquette, etc.. In addition, people need to cultivate their marketing knowledge and ability to understand deeply the essence of central air conditioning marketing, with their modern theory knowledge, most companies now have new staff training, in the period of training to learn more, ask more, familiar with how the company system operation process, the counterpart of the Department of things and the staff and the required procedures, and probably familiar with the many domestic car factory cooperation business process. Familiar with the above knowledge and procedures, and so on, then the actual use of the time will be handy.

        D. Have a preliminary grasp of the industry's development history, industry development trends, major competitors and other information, as well as the company's main regional market customer information, the opponent's information. This can be released from some public and normal channels, such as websites, industry media, etc., can also be obtained from the leadership or colleagues. Comprehensive grasp of these information and in-depth mining is conducive to the establishment of a global understanding and grasp of their own industry. This information helps you the unique culture of industry understanding, so as to achieve the "industry", is also the embodiment of occupation, which is also the customer understand the angle and height, is the basis for you and its exchange, communication, cooperation and empathy.

        "Forewarned is forearmed.", this is the everlasting truth. Especially nowadays, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, the marketing personnel's comprehensive quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and the marketing people can not be ignored.

二、Plum flower, Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out

        When you arrive in the area of the market, you have to do is to enter the role as soon as possible, quickly understand that you are in charge of the regional market. First, expand market research thoroughly, then if you can and the person responsible for the original region of the face to face communication on or go to visit customers and that you are the most effective, most save time and effort. This can quickly understand the company in this area how to position: is a market leader or market followers? Customer to our evaluation of how? In this area the company's list of customers, the main competitors, the company's local local customs and practices, market share; to know the current problems and the recent urgent things, so as to achieve a multiplier effect.

        Secondly, after a preliminary diagnostic work, analysis of their market by SWOT tools: the company where the advantages, disadvantages in what aspects, where is the opportunity, the threat of how much? What kind of strategy should be carried out to maintain and expand the market in this region? "No investigation, no right to speak", remember not blind do not know what went straight to the market, this is a taboo!

        The next step will be to gradually establish a good relationship with the various departments of the customer. The central air conditioning marketing mainly relates to the customer's purchasing department, technical department, quality department, financial department, and other departments, all departments must fully understand the new customer rights, their duties of operating system process, one thing for which the relevant departments responsible person, which must be on top of. People need to pay attention, and in every department contact must adhere to the general customer relationship, the establishment of a broad united front, if you can't let him be your friend, at least not to let them become your enemy, otherwise, things will be very time-consuming and even stuck. HUAWEI CEO Ren Zhengfei in "the challenge, hard skills, to greet the arrival of spring" in the emphasis on this very appropriate and simple: "we each layer are close to the customer, the customer share sorrow, the customer gives us a vote. This one vote, that one vote, add up to a lot of votes, and finally, even if the key does not cast a vote did not have much impact. Of course, our most important vote also do a good job of relations. That's the difference between us and the small company. A small company is very snobbish."

    At the same time, the new people on their own regional market management needs to do the following aspects of the work:

        A. Develop appropriate monthly sales plans, quarterly sales plans, annual sales plans, and even strategic planning for regional markets. Only in this way, you can continue to exert pressure on themselves, thus making the regional market can continue to develop.

        B. The establishment of product quality information files within the region, any quality problems or new project schedule or state changes and other issues must be timely and effective feedback or solution, absolutely not to the customer caused dilatory, irresponsible impression. If it is unable to meet the requirements of customers, be sure to effectively explain and get their understanding.

        C. The establishment of a sound receiving regional market, shipping records, keep on sales, inventory control, prevent inventory is too large, but also to avoid the risk of out of stock, which requires the customer and purchasing department, manufacturing department to maintain effective communication channels.

        D.Establish and improve the regional market financial records, such as billing amount, payment amount, the amount of the claim on the market, an excellent marketing personnel must always remain sensitive to these numbers, otherwise unable to achieve control of the market.

        E. Establish and improve the regional market customer files, do a good job in the development and maintenance of customer relationships, and pay attention to the key person in charge of the other side of the company.

  The central air conditioning marketing new start isn't particularly difficult, but really want to do must do a lot of basic refinement, tedious work, although this is very painful, but the only way you can do better than its competitors, you can win.

三、You can enjoy a grander sight by climbing to a greater height

       When you have gradually become familiar with the market, and the market is also more familiar and effective management, the new people may feel that the central air conditioning marketing, there is no special place. But from qualified to outstanding, from excellent to outstanding, newcomers need to do a lot of work, they also need a clear direction, to enhance their own, only in this way, can be more on the floor.

       First, to further tap the potential of the market, such as the company's products in the customer side of the supply ratio can be higher? Is there any other customer in the regional market yet to be developed? This requires the development of a set of effective marketing programs, to maintain the old customers - to increase the share - to expand new markets.

       Second, a timely understanding of the company's dynamic, to do effective information dissemination. For example, the positive news media company in the industry, a major breakthrough in the technical aspects of the company, or a very heavy single, these can be used as a kind of effective to convey information to customers, so as to effectively enhance the brand image of the company.

       Third, effectively improve their management capabilities, manage their own team. Central air conditioning marketing generally have the corresponding after-sales service personnel, how to conduct effective management? I think, a good example is the best way to help customer service management, service personnel to enhance their abilities, let him feel you convinced, and together you can improve yourself, so as to be the most effective management of them.

        Fourth, do a person, make friends first heart, do business in the desalination of commercial marks, do not talk about business, business friends after the first, excellent marketing personnel can use their own personal charm infected clients. The development of the client's inside, some insider news is required to obtain from inside there, these insider information can greatly help you understand the project involved the interests and relationships, found that the influence of key sales success and the key factors to determine the breakthrough direction and effective strategy.

        Fifth, enhance their professional skills, from the original "interpersonal relationship + market relations" to "marketing + Consulting", and thus effectively to the customer to do the program, which is the trend of modern central air conditioning marketing. The marketing staff is more demanding, should be good at guiding customers, let customers nose, in turn, to guide customers to follow our pace, I hit the company's marketing manager has a very appropriate analogy: can not always give me fill in by the customer, we can turn to the customers choice. This sentence is very reasonable, new marketing after the initial stage, must be able to effectively integrate the company's products, technology and other aspects of the resources made some preliminary scheme to provide customers, so as to truly let customers "choice".

       Sixth, strive to improve their comprehensive quality, customer sector groups with every kind of hobbies, such as football, stock, driving and so on, new marketing actually is not only in the occupation, is also the person in society, strive to enrich all aspects of their knowledge, broaden their knowledge, these are effective communication with my clients lubricant.

      In addition, we must pay attention to their own time management, in the initial familiar with the regional market situation, people are very easy to meet or lost the direction, do not know how to move forward. This requires effective management of their own time, to develop a career planning, combined with short-term, long-term goals in life, one year after their own to what extent? Five years after their career to what extent? What is your ultimate goal in life? To this end, I should how to strive to improve their ability and comprehensive quality? The marketing staff has a preliminary market experience, should always remember feeling and experience of the market, make a study plan, read more marketing magazine browse related websites, the continuous accumulation of marketing knowledge to enhance their own, combined with their own marketing experience, combining theory with practice, to explore their own marketing style and market manipulation.

       Through the above efforts so it is time for you to show ambition display skills to the full, "the sky, wide sea diving, the company provides you the platform for you, how to use this platform to maximize corporate and personal value is more than others think you do better!

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