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Main features of ground source heat pump

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Main features of ground source heat pump

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(1)Ground source heat pump technology is a renewable energy utilization technology. Because the ground source heat pump is the use of shallow geothermal resources on the earth's surface (usually less than 400 meters deep) as a cold and heat source, the energy conversion of the heating and air-conditioning system. Shallow geothermal resources can be referred to as earth energy, refers to the surface soil, groundwater or rivers, lakes in the absorption of solar energy, geothermal energy and the low temperature. Surface shallow layer is a huge solar collector, collected 47% of the solar energy, more than 500 times the annual use of energy than human beings. It is not subject to geographical, resources and other restrictions, the real amount is wide, everywhere. This kind of renewable energy, which is stored on the surface of the earth's surface, is a kind of renewable energy, which can also be a form of clean and renewable energy.

(2)Ground source heat pump is an economical and effective energy saving technology. Its ground source heat pump COP value reached more than 4, that is, the energy consumption of 1KWh, the user can get more than 4KWh of heat or cold.

(3)Ground source heat pump environmental benefits significantly. The operation of the device has no pollution, can be built in the residential area, no combustion, no smoke, no waste, no need to stack the site of the fuel waste, and do not have a long distance transmission of heat.  

(4)Ground source heat pump a multi-purpose machine, a wide range of applications. Ground source heat pump heating and air conditioning system, but also for domestic hot water, the use of a machine, two sets of equipment or a system system can replace the original boiler with air conditioning; can be used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, schools and other buildings, more suitable for villa residential heating, hydraulic balance hydraulic balance distributor distributor.

(5)Ground source heat pump air conditioning system maintenance cost is low. Mechanical parts of the ground source heat pump is very small, all the parts are not buried in the ground is installed in the interior, so as to avoid the bad weather outside, the unit is compact, space saving; high degree of automation, unattended operation.

  It can be seen from the above characteristics, the ground source heat pump technology can be widely used in the future.

  However, in order to realize the ground source heat pump cooling and heating, then it needs to provide power to transport the circulating water cooling and heating pipes, the traditional room can provide power, but the construction is more complex, difficult, long cycle, types of purchasing materials, to inventory, Water Leakage hidden big problem and so on, for this, the market on the development of a new type of power transmission and distribution system equipment, energy-saving air conditioning room. The computer room system is to integrate all the components in the traditional computer room, and implement the mode of integrated installation. Not only greatly reduce the construction difficulty, and no inventory, Water Leakage hidden is greatly reduced, and can host unlimited linkage and so on, it can be seen that the energy-saving air conditioning room is a HVAC industry to provide a set of solutions.

In a word, a combination of energy-saving air conditioning room, hydraulic balance distributor, multifunctional water tank and the ground source heat pump for the entire HVAC system at the same time increase highlights, installation is convenient, the construction time, procurement cycle is greatly shortened, labor costs will also be low and so on. This shows that the energy saving air conditioning room and ground source heat pump is the future development trend of the HVAC industry.

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