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What is the working principle of screw refrigerator

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What is the working principle of screw r

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Screw freezer, low-temperature industrial chiller is a special industrial chiller designed for the unique low-temperature natural environment. Its powerful refrigeration capacity is for fast hotel, hotel, shopping malls and other commercial service sites of vegetable preservation, large and medium-sized freezers, meat food, seafood quick freezing, freezing, ice making industry, food industry refrigeration / freezing, pharmaceutical industry, chemical plants and other industries All kinds of low temperature natural environment show reliable guarantee.

1. All kinds of products, including high temperature (effluent temperature - 5 ℃), medium temperature (effluent temperature - 10 ℃), low temperature (effluent temperature - 15 ℃).

2. The height width ratio of the structure is improved, and the heat exchanger plate is selected to support the human body. The structure is simple, compact and easy to use.

3. Perfect composition of high-quality screw compressor and high-efficiency heat exchanger with energy efficiency grade of 4.5.

4. Four stage or non-polar volume control, mutual coordination and load change.

Water cooler industrial chiller small size, air conditioning refrigeration capacity, the use of international imported refrigeration compressor, low temperature characteristics of extraordinary, reliable and durable, commodity design based on industrial production characteristics, built-in low-temperature circulating pump and stainless steel plate cold storage tank, the application is extremely convenient, all the raw materials with water contact are corrosion-resistant raw materials, reasonable to avoid corrosion, erosion , full intelligent LED total number control board, with temperature indication, setting temperature, automatic adjustment of ice water temperature and refrigeration compressor maintenance function, using well-known brand AC contactor, automobile relay and other electrical components, equipped with sound display lamp, power switch, the actual operation is clear at a glance, embedded electronic devices, water level marking and alarm system, low water level automatic alarm, According to the operation panel, the actual operation staff can grasp the water level of the frozen water storage tank, and immediately replenish water to keep moisture. With the unique control module design scheme, the system optimization of each refrigeration compressor is independent. Even if there is a problem in one system software, it is not easy to endanger all the normal work of other system software.

The high temperature vapor refrigerant entering the fan coil carries out heat exchanger according to the wall thickness of the plate and the self spraying water and gas on both sides of the fan coil. The temperature of the vapor body of the refrigerant decreases with the extension of time in the pipe, and gradually changes from vapor state to liquid state. By using centrifugal fan with strong wind speed, the self spraying water can cover the surface of fan coil sufficiently, thus improving the heat exchange efficiency. After water spraying and gas digesting the calorific value of the wall thickness of the absorption plate, the temperature rises, and part of the water changes from liquid to vapor state, which takes away a lot of calorific value on the wall thickness. The moisture in the cold and wet air is blocked by the baffle and introduced into the PVC heat exchanger layer, and the warm air is discharged. The water in the PVC heat exchanger layer is cooled by the fresh air system through which the temperature is reduced. It is injected into the stainless steel water collecting tank, and then sent to the automatic spray system by the centrifugal pump to recycle the system again. The water lost into the air is automatically adjusted and filled by the water level control equipment.

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