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At the same time, the coefficient of refrigeration will increase_Dalian ord air-conditioning Group





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At the same time, the coefficient of refrigeration will increase

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At the same time, the coefficient of ref

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The temperature control effect of low temperature chiller is as follows:

The use of economizer can make the single-stage screw compressor more widely used and more economical.

If the refrigerant is R22, the condensation temperature is 30-40 ℃, the evaporation temperature is - 15-30 ℃, the refrigerating capacity increases by 19-44%, and the unit power increases by 7-30%. At this time, the energy saving effect is obvious.

However, when the evaporation temperature is lower than - 35 ℃, two-stage compressor is recommended.

The economizer is equivalent to an evaporator, but the liquid from the condenser is divided into two paths in the economizer. One path is absorbed by the compressor suction after passing through the economizer tube, and the other path is supplied to the evaporator after passing through the economizer cavity, so that the liquid supplied to the evaporator is subcooled again, and the subcooling temperature can be below 0 ℃ according to the demand. The energy efficiency of screw type cold water can be improved about 20% at low temperature.

Refrigerant of low temperature chiller:

The screw refrigeration compressor body with an energy-saving device is provided with an air supply port interface. The liquid refrigerant from the condenser enters the economizer after throttling, and then flash into medium pressure gas in the economizer, and then enters the compressor through the air supply port. At the same time, the liquid refrigerant in the economizer coil is supercooled. The unit cooling capacity of supercooled liquid refrigerant is larger than that of non supercooled liquid refrigerant. Because the air supply port is opened after the suction of the screw slot, the suction of the screw is not affected.

Therefore, when the compressor compresses the refrigerant with the same mass flow rate, the refrigerating capacity increases, but the refrigerating coefficient increases because the increased refrigerating capacity is greater than the increase of shaft power.

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